OOTD: Winter Beach Trip with Friends

I just got back from a beach trip with friends and decided to share some pictures that you could use for inspiration for spring break! Make sure to check out my friend Dani’s blog here.

navy and white swim top (exact)

navy and white swim bottom (exact)

green button down (similar)

gold necklace (exact)

multi colored swim top (similar

black bikini bottom (similar)

denim top (similar)

What do you think of our swimsuits and pictures?

Make sure to leave requests for future articles below!


17 thoughts on “OOTD: Winter Beach Trip with Friends”

    1. It was my friend’s camera but we love it! It’s on sale at Michaels right now (in store only) for $70 instead of the regular $100. The film is really expensive though. I’m thinking about buying one for special trips and stuff where I won’t minding paying more for film as much.


  1. I need some new swimsuits for the summer haha. But anyways I love the green army type jacket and the navy and white swimsuit. That’s definitely a mix with fall and summer together.

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